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Amazon is bringing its premium mobile games to iPhone and iPad

Amazon is bringing its premium mobile games to iPhone and iPad

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With some major acquisitions and multiple big games in the works, Amazon clearly has some big ambitions for its in-house gaming division. However, up until now those ambitions have been restricted to Amazon hardware like the Fire TV and Fire line of tablets. But that's about change: today the company announced that it's bringing its games to Apple devices, as well.

"We wanted these games to be the best."

No release date has been set, but four different Amazon Game Studios titles have been announced as coming to iOS. Those include the horror game Lost Within, colorful sci-fi adventure Tales From Deep Space, and the haunted adventure game Til Morning's Light. All three of those games were created in collaboration between Amazon and noted game studios like Wayforward Technologies and Frontier Developments, and they're part of a recent push by Amazon into the world of premium mobile gaming. The fourth title is arcade game To-Fu Fury, which previously launched on the Fire Phone last July.

For Amazon Game Studios, these games represent a chance to prove that the fledgling developer can make great mobile experiences. "We wanted these games to be the best along some dimension," Amazon Game Studios VP Mike Frazzini told The Verge in December. They're also all games that utilize a premium price point at around $6.99, going against the current trend of free-to-play on mobile. Tales From Deep Space launched late last year, while Til Morning's Light and Lost Within are still in development.

However, with devices like the Fire Phone struggling, it appears that the company now wants to bring these games to a much larger audience on iOS (there's currently no word on whether they'll be coming to Android at some point as well). And given the amount of effort put into these games, that's no surprise: Adam Tierney, designer at Wayforward, has described Til Morning's Light as "the biggest thing we've ever done."