New trailers: Community, Avengers: Age of Ultron, Ex Machina, and more

All the shows and movies you should be looking out for


This is an eclectic week for trailers, so strap in. Below, we have 11 of this week's best trailers, including some ridiculous action, some wild sci-fi premises, and even films on the quieter side. Oh, and a new trailer for the next Avengers, which is a pretty big deal.

Avengers: Age of Ultron

Three trailers in, and Marvel's still got a ton of new Age of Ultron footage that it wants to show off. If you can hang tight until May 1st, when the film debuts, you may want to hold off from this and save yourself a little more for the movie — but if you absolutely have to see what's coming next, there's a lot in this trailer to like.


Against many odds, Community is about to come back on, of all places, Yahoo. There are a lot of reasons to be skeptical of how it'll turn out, but even so, this trailer is an encouraging sign: it actually looks funny and full of life. That'd be a nice change after last season. The new season will premiere on March 17th.

Ex Machina

The writer of Sunshine and 28 Days Later is finally directing a film of his own, and it looks like it could be another great piece of sci-fi. Ex Machina is the latest film about the emergence of AI and humans' ability to love it, but things seemingly take a darker turn here. It'll be in theaters starting April 10th.

Furious 7

This is actually a short clip from the movie, not a trailer, but it's probably still the must-watch video of the week. Seriously, even if you've never seen a moment of Fast & Furious before, it's worth watching this glorious absurdity. The movie comes out April 3rd.

Big Game

This movie is ridiculous in all the right ways, and there's only one reason that it all works: because Samuel L. Jackson plays the President of the United States. It's great. Just watch it.


Ah, every man's dream: being filthy rich and waking up one day in the body of Ryan Reynolds. Selfless is a sci-fi thriller about taking over another person's body and, seemingly, some of that person's consciousness, too. It'll be in theaters this summer.

It's Me, Hilary: The Man Who Drew Eloise

Lena Dunham's tattoo of the character Eloise brought her together with the artist that originally drew drew it. The documentary It's Me, Hilary, is executive produced by Dunham and involves her spending time with Hilary Knight, the artist who illustrated the children's book Eloise. It looks like a fairly simple and straightforward documentary, but there's something nice about that. It'll be on HBO starting March 23rd.

Mr. Holmes

What happens when you combine one of the greatest British actors with one of the most famous British characters? Hopefully something pretty great. Mr. Holmes has Ian McKellen playing a quiet take on an aging Sherlock trying to solve one final mystery. It's supposed to be released sometime this summer.

The Forger

Oscars' favorite John Travolta stars as an art forger in The Forger. It's a crime drama and heist film that's set to premiere on DirecTV this month. It'll then hit theaters on April 24th.

Saint Laurent

Saint Laurent appears to be a vibrant and energetic biopic of the famous designer. Even if you don't know (or care) much about him, this trailer makes it look like it would be fun spending an hour or so getting to know about his life. It'll be out May 8th.

No Escape

Owen Wilson plays a businessman who moves his family to an unnamed country in Southeast Asia only to arrive in the middle of a political uprising, which quickly becomes a major threat. It's a bit of an odd premise, and it's certainly a strange film to see Wilson in, especially with Pierce Brosnan also cast in a smaller role. It'll be in theaters September 2nd.