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Samsung's curved all-in-one PC will be available March 8th for $1,299

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The curved all-in-one PC that we saw from Samsung at CES is almost here. It'll begin shipping this Sunday, March 8th for $1,299, the company announced today. The Ativ One 7, as its called, features a 27-inch 1080p display with a curvature of 4000R. Aside from the unique display — which is far more immersive here than on a TV — the Ativ One 7 is all middle of the road. Intel's Core i5 chipset powers the desktop, and it ships with 8GB of RAM. Samsung's positioning this as a great family PC for watching movies from iTunes or Netflix, which probably explains the big (but slow) 1TB hard disk. With Intel's integrated graphics, the curved One 7 isn't going to blow the doors off any gaming rig, but that's not what this one's for. Samsung really just wants this to find a spot in your living room, and the company's SideSync software is also pretty useful for answering calls and texts from that big screen if you've got a compatible Galaxy smartphone.