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These are the first photos of CBS' Supergirl

These are the first photos of CBS' Supergirl

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CBS has released a first look at its new Supergirl. Two photos, both below, show Melissa Benoist — best known for starring in Glee — in costume as the hero. The costume looks nice but simple, somewhat echoing the patterned Superman design that we saw on screen in Man of Steel. That's not a bad place to wind up: it's a mixture of practicality and power, which is certainly vogue among superheroes right now. The costume was actually created by the same person who did the costume work for The Flash and Arrow, so there should be some similarities between them.

Supergirl will focus on Kara Zor-El — Superman's cousin and fellow Krypton native — at age 24 as she's finally beginning to use her powers on Earth. There's no word yet on when it'll be ready to air, but plenty of additional casting news has come out over the past few months, such as the inclusion of Dean Cain, Helen Slater, Calista Flockhart.