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This is Star Trek Online's Leonard Nimoy memorial

This is Star Trek Online's Leonard Nimoy memorial

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Leonard Nimoy's passing last week brought with it a wave of mourning and admiration that we're still feeling today. Video game developer Cryptic Studios felt the loss keenly, since Nimoy voiced Spock in the company's MMORPG Star Trek Online. To honor Nimoy, the team announced that they would build a permanent memorial to him and his work on the series. The memorial is now complete, and it's a beautiful reminder of a career renowned by fans around the world.

The memorial takes the form of a monument showing Spock giving the Vulcan salute, along with an inscription that reads "Live Long and Prosper." Executive producer Stephen Ricossa stated in a blog post that "I’m certain everyone who knew of Nimoy's work will remember him in their own special way, and I want to make sure Star Trek Online also has an in-game way for people to remember him as well." The virtual statue has been erected in-game on planet Vulcan, and another will be installed on New Romulus. In addition, a plaque honoring all the Star Trek actors who have passed over the years will be erected on planets and installations throughout the game. All this may seem like small gestures, but to fans they're all meaningful ways of showing that the work that made Star Trek important still matters and will always be remembered.