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Goodyear's new concept tires can help power your electric car

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Tires are key to the comfort and performance of your ride, but one day they might help power it, too. Goodyear unveiled a new concept tire at the Geneva International Auto Show this week that can convert the heat it accumulates into energy that can power an electric car.

The tire is called the BH03, and it looks like the craziest tire you've ever seen. Goodyear plans to collect heat into the tire in a number of ways. The first is perhaps the simplest: black patches on the tire's surface will absorb heat from the Sun — especially when you leave your car in a hot parking lot. The tire will also heat up from the effects of friction as you drive down the road. The heat generated from the tire as it flexes will also be collected.

Of course, this is just a concept for now and Goodyear is being fairly vague about the technology — you'll just have to hold tight to see if the BH03 ever shows up at your local tire shop.