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Apple has sold 700 million iPhones, 25 million Apple TVs

Apple has sold 700 million iPhones, 25 million Apple TVs

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Last fall, Apple CEO Tim Cook uncharacteristically skipped his tradition of giving an "update" on the health of his company's business through a variety of facts and statistics — but this time he's back on his numbers game. Cook just announced that Apple has sold 700 million iPhones today, and this year's iPhone 6 launch has played a big part. iPhones are currently selling over double the industry rate — Apple's iPhone business has grown 49 percent year over year, while the rest of the industry has only grown 25 percent.

Cook also said that Apple has sold 25 million Apple TV units; he announced this stat as he cut the price of the device to $69. He called the device the "industry leader" in the streaming TV space, though many of Apple's competitors haven't really given solid data on sales of their own devices.

Apple TV is supposedly the 'industry leader'

Once moving on to the Mac to introduce a wild new Macbook, Cook took some time to tout how healthy Apple's Mac business is compared to the rest of the PC industry. Cook said that while the PC industry shrank 2 percent last year, Apple's Mac business grew 21 percent. Indeed, Mac growth has outstripped the rest of the PC industry ever year for the last 10 years, so claims Cook.

Apple also gave a quick update on the company's retail business, as usual. This time, China was a main point of focus, unsurprising given how important the country has been to Apple's bottom line of late. The company plans to have 40 stores in China by the end of the year, up from the 21 it has right now. Overall, the company has 453 stores worldwide, and more than 120 million customers visited an Apple Store in the last quarter.

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