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Here's what hailing an Uber looks like on the Apple Watch

Here's what hailing an Uber looks like on the Apple Watch

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What does hailing a car from your wrist look like? Apple showed off a demo of that today at its "Spring Forward" event in San Francisco, highlighting how the popular car-hailing app will make its way to the Apple Watch's smaller screen.

In a brief demo, Apple's Kevin Lynch fired up Uber's app from the watch's home screen, then called up a ride. The app pings for your location and gives you an estimated time of arrival for your pickup. Once your driver is on their way, you get a real-time update of where they are, information about your driver and your car, just like Uber's normal mobile phone app.

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Developers have had access to Apple's Watchkit development tools for less than four months. That's about twice as long as what developers got between when Apple announced and released the iPad back in 2010. The difference, of course, is that app makers have been tasked not with blowing up their apps, but shrinking them down to their most basic features. Apple Watch apps exist primarily as Glances, which are tiny chunks of easily digestible information (like sports scores and news headlines), and notifications that people can respond to right from the watch. Back in September, Apple noted that BMW, Twitter, Pinterest, American Airlines, Nike, and others were all at work on apps for the new platform.

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