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Here’s the $29 dongle you'll have to carry to charge the Apple Watch

Here’s the $29 dongle you'll have to carry to charge the Apple Watch


18 hours, 18 hours, 18 hours and you better find a charger

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Today, Apple finally revealed more details about the Apple Watch, which hits stores on April 24th. One of the biggest questions since September's announcement of the device is just how long you'll be able to use the Apple Watch before it needs to be recharged. As it turns out, about 18 hours, according to Apple. That might sound like a lot for a smartphone, but it means Apple Watch owners will be charging their devices every single night if they want them to last through the next day.

This also means that road warriors will need to pack the Apple Watch's MagSafe charging cable with them whenever they'll be away from home for more than a day. The charging cable is unique among Apple's products: it's a round disc that snaps into place on the back of the watch and then plugs into a standard USB port or wall wart. Apple will likely pack a 1-meter version of the cable with each Watch sold, but those that want more than one to keep at the office or pack in their go bags will be able to buy them for $29 a pop (or $39 if you want a 2-meter cable).

Apple Watch charger

That's not hugely different from almost every other smartwatch on the market already. Aside from Sony's Smartwatch 3, virtually every other smartwatch (including Android Wear devices and the Pebble) requires a special cradle or cable to charge its battery. Still, it doesn't make it any less of a nuisance if you're a frequent traveler to have to carry yet another cable that only charges one device.

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