The best apps for Apple Watch shown at today's event


After offering a brief glimpse of Apple Watch's software back in September, Apple today gave a much more thorough preview of what wrist-worn apps look like on the company's first smartwatch.

Today's keynote once again saw demonstrations of Apple's own apps, but Apple Watch software chief Kevin Lynch also showcased the work of some big name developers ahead of the device's release next month. The demos provided a fascinating look at how developers are rethinking popular iOS apps so they work best on a much smaller screen and integrate Apple's new input methods like force touch and the digital crown.

So far, Apple is showcasing more than 40 Watch apps, with companies taking to Twitter to announce apps like Hue lighting at an impressive rate. Here are some of our favorites.

  1. Instagram

    Apple Watch offers a pretty full-featured Instagram experience. You're able to scroll through your feed just as you would on a smartphone, and tap photos for more details on a specific shot or to like the best ones that you see.

  2. Twitter

    We didn't get a very long look at Twitter's Apple Watch app, but you'll be able to quickly see what's trending across the service, and all of your mentions and other activity will be glanceable from your wrist.

  3. Uber

    You can request a pickup from Uber directly from Apple Watch without needing to pull your iPhone from your pocket. And when your ride gets close, Uber will send a notification to your wrist so that you know it's time to start looking for your driver.

  4. WeChat

    Sure, you could always reply by voice, but popular messaging client WeChat will allow users to respond with stickers. Seems like the sort of thing you can expect to see from Facebook Messenger at some point.

  5. W Hotels

    Rather than carry around the old-fashioned plastic entry card, you'll be able to unlock your room at W Hotel locations with Apple Watch.


    When away from home, you can make sure everything's locked and safe by glancing at Apple Watch and tapping a button. You can even peek at home security cameras from your wrist while your iPhone's still in your pocket.