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New VSCO Cam update lets you batch edit photos

New VSCO Cam update lets you batch edit photos

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An update was just released for the popular photo editing app VSCO Cam that adds a "Copy + Paste" feature, allowing users to apply edits to multiple photos at once. It works pretty simply: after you've edited a photo to your liking, just select it in the library view and the app will let you copy those edits to any number of photos.

Before the update there was no quick way to match the look of different photos, save for recreating the edit process step by step. It's not a problem that affected most users, but was an annoyance for those who wanted a consistent look across multiple photos. VSCO Cam still doesn't allow users to create their own filters like Darkroom does, but this new feature is as close as it gets.

The update also added an undo button to the edit tray at the bottom of the app, which saves users from having to open up the full history just to go back one step in the process. It's a small change, but it makes it easier to erase a singular change or a mistaken edit.

The VSCO Cam update is already available on both iOS (v4.1) and Android (v3.2), and more can be read about it here.