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Apple Watch bands will cost between $49 and $449

Apple Watch bands will cost between $49 and $449

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If you want to buy an extra band for the Apple Watch, you may have to pay handsomely for it. Pricing for Apple's watch bands starts at $49 for its synthetic rubber bands and runs up to $449 for the link bracelet. All bands cost the same regardless of which model — 38mm or 42mm — watch they're made for or what size they're available in. All pricing options are below:

  • Sport band: $49
  • Milanese loop: $149
  • Leather loop: $149
  • Classic buckle: $149
  • Modern buckle: $249
  • Link bracelet: $449

Apple didn't discuss the possibility of using a watch band made by another manufacturer at all, but it's easy to imagine that a lot of custom bands will pop up quickly. That should give buyers plenty of options, should they not be interested in what Apple is offering — or the prices that it's offering them at.

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