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There's two seasons of The Walking Dead spin-off on the way

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AMC's doing alright with Better Call Saul, and now it's taking the spin-off strategy to the bank. The network has ordered two seasons of The Walking Dead spin-off show it's been developing. The program, which hasn't been officially titled just yet, takes place in Los Angeles and won't follow Sheriff Rick Grimes and his band of survivors. Instead, it will take place as the zombie apocalypse strikes and society begins falling apart, making it a prequel of sorts to the current series. Co-created by Walking Dead mastermind Robert Kirkman, the show's cast includes Cliff Curtis and Kim Dickens (Gone Girl, House of Cards).

AMC needs a new hit

The Walking Dead has been a ratings bonanza for AMC, and it shows no sign of slowing — a rather important detail for AMC, which has seen its prestige-worthy original programming thin out. Breaking Bad wrapped up in 2013, Mad Men will be concluding this season, and while new shows like Turn and Halt and Catch Fire have shown inspired moments, nothing has really captured the imagination of TV viewers. (Saul is the most promising candidate yet, but it remains to be seen if the show will ever attain the kind of loyal following that Breaking Bad did.)

Unfortunately, those that have been frustrated by the network's recent habit of breaking shows up into shorter seasons that stretch across two years, something similar is happening here. The Walking Dead's spin-off will premiere later this year with just six episodes, with the second season to debut in 2016.