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Lucy Lawless has joined the cast of the upcoming Evil Dead series

Lucy Lawless has joined the cast of the upcoming Evil Dead series

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Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Bruce Campbell obviously wasn't enough. In a recent interview on ConTV, Bruce Campbell casually remarked that Lucy Lawless, otherwise known as Xena herself, has signed on to co-star in Ash vs. The Evil Dead, which is set to debut on Starz later this year.

Blastr caught up with Campbell to confirm the news, and he seemed excited about the prospect. "We just added her to our cast, and I got to tell you, I couldn't be happier," he said. "She's great; I worked with her a lot in the Xena days, and it's great to have her on Ash Vs. Evil Dead." Also, while he wouldn't elaborate on her exact role in the series, he did hint at her playing an "extreme" part prone to stealing the spotlight.

Campbell and Lawless have a long shared history

This is only the most recent project that has managed to bring Campbell, Lawless, and director Sam Raimi together. The trio have a long history together in genre television, with Sam Raimi serving as executive producer on Xena: Warrior Princess and Campbell often guest-starring on the show as Autolycus, the self-styled King of Thieves. Now that the group is back together, Ash vs. The Evil Dead promises to be even more fun than we originally hoped.