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Vin Diesel says eighth Fast and Furious movie will be set in New York

Vin Diesel says eighth Fast and Furious movie will be set in New York

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The Fast and Furious crew is headed to Manhattan. During an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel meant to promote Furious 7, which hits theaters Friday, Vin Diesel teased that an eighth installment — yet to be officially confirmed — will be set in New York.

Just imagine the NYC action sequences

And Kurt Russell, who joined the series cast in Furious 7 as a mysterious government agent, will apparently play a significant role come the eighth film. "Kurt Russell came in for this movie," Vin Diesel told Kimmel. "But we really hired him because of a story that follows this that takes place in New York." Russell appeared on Kimmel's show just one night later, and seemed smitten with the character he portrayed. "We created somebody that I think is a mystery man," he said. "You never know his name. You never know quite what world he’s in. And we don’t, and I think that’s what’s exciting about it."

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Beyond the location, Vin Diesel didn't offer any more hints of what's to come when Dom and his pals attempt to push supercars to their limit and tear through midtown Manhattan gridlock. A blistering race through the Lincoln Tunnel or across the George Washington Bridge both seem like child's play for this franchise. Dropping cars out of airplanes just has a way of setting the bar pretty high for James Wa (should the director return for another go) and the rest of the Fast and Furious team. "If they do more, and if it goes on, we’ll try to come up with something to top this, but I’ll tell you, it’s going to be hard to do," said Russell. But the beauty is you know they'll try — and probably pull it off.

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