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Watch Strong Bad answer an email for the first time in almost six years

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Homestar Runner has been coming back here and there over the past year, and today we're finally getting a proper return for one of its biggest stars: Strong Bad. For the first time in almost six years, a Strong Bad Email segment has been released on Homestar Runner's site — the last email segment was released in October 2009. The segment is well aware of how much time has passed and takes cracks at new technology — like smart appliances — and the dated technology that was around when the series last updated. Mostly, though, the segment is about the extent to which Strong Bad dislikes internet jokes on April Fools' Day. We've all been there.

The return of Homestar Runner began this time last year. On April 1st, 2014, the site released its first video since going on hiatus in 2010. Since then, one of its creators said that he intends to "start making more stuff, hopefully on a more frequent basis." There hasn't been a lot of videos since then, but there has been some gems, including a rap about fisheye lenses that featured Strong Bad. The new Strong Bad Email is up on YouTube for easy viewing, but, naturally, you'll find it over at Homestar Runner's website in Flash, if you feel like loading that up for old times' sake.