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Watch Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool kill Mario Lopez

Watch Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool kill Mario Lopez

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We've seen Ryan Reynolds in the (new) official Deadpool costume once before, and now we get to see him in action. For the very first time. And it involves killing Mario Lopez in a video parody of Extra.

The 97-second video, released today, addresses the ongoing debate of whether or not the new Deadpool film will be rated R. According to the video, "Deadpool will of course be rated R." But remember, it's April Fools' Day. More importantly, the MPAA rating won't be official until much later in production. And Lopez's argument was less about being rated PG-13 and more about being "family friendly" — and PG-13 Deadpool would not necessarily mean the film is family friendly. Reynolds had this to say two days ago:

In either case, here's your chance to see Reynolds in action for the first time — and there's even a nice callback to the "leaked" test footage that reportedly brought the film back from the dead, in the form of a cartoon drawing of Slater dying:

Deadpool will hit theaters February 12th, 2016.