New trailers: True Detective, Orange is the New Black, Sinister 2, and more


Forget movies — trailer releases were all about TV this week, with two of the hottest series from HBO and Netflix giving first looks at their new seasons. Not only that, but there are two other trailers for online-only sitcoms to watch: a new Netflix series led by Lily Tomlin and Jane Fonda and a Yahoo show created by Paul Feig. Check them all out in our roundup of this week's best trailers below.

True Detective

It's hard to remember a second season of a TV show that people have been so eager to see. There's not a lot to learn from the first trailer for the much-awaited #TrueDetectiveSeason2, but it sure looks like the show is going to be as moody as ever. The season premieres June 21st.

Orange is the New Black

House of Cards may get all the love, but Orange is the New Black is among the most popular and acclaimed series on Netflix. It's coming back on June 12th, and the season's first trailer looks as energetic and funny as ever.

Other Space

Freaks and Geeks creator Paul Feig is back with his first TV show since... Freaks and Geeks. The new series is a comedy called Other Space about a group of hapless astronauts who get totally lost in space. This first trailer doesn't give me particularly high hopes for the show, but it's worth looking at for two reasons: Feig's name and the fact that it's the next big show coming to Yahoo. It premieres April 14th.

The Brink

HBO has a new comedy on the way with Jack Black as its star. The Brink has Black playing some sort of not-very-professional government agent investigating a coup in Pakistan. It's hard to say exactly what the series will look like, but we should see more from it soon. The show premieres on June 21st.

Me and Earl and the Dying Girl

Me and Earl and the Dying Girl was the smash hit of Sundance this year. Not only did it get (almost) universally rave reviews, it was in line to break festival records for a film sale. Watching the movie's first trailer, it's easy to see why. The movie looks clever, romantic, and charming. It also looks pretty darn twee, perhaps a bit too much. Regardless, Sundance loved it, and we'll find out in a few months how everyone else feels. It comes out June 12th.

Grace and Frankie

Netflix's next comedy series may be its most mainstream yet, but it still looks pretty funny. That's in good part because of its stellar cast: Lily Tomlin, Jane Fonda, Martin Sheen, and Sam Waterston, aka everyone who no longer has an Aaron Sorkin show to star in. It'll premiere on May 8th.


There's been a bit of buzz around Animals since its debut at last year's South by Southwest, and now it's finally headed toward theaters. Reviews have framed it as a compelling story of addiction, and its first trailer certainly makes it look that way. It'll be in theaters starting May 15th.

Sinister 2

The first Sinister came out a few years back to generally positive reviews, and now it looks like an appropriately creepy sequel is heading toward theaters. A first trailer for Sinister 2 arrived this week, a few months ahead of the movie's premiere in August.

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