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A GoPro dropped from 10,000 feet looks like nausea-inducing Spin Art

A GoPro dropped from 10,000 feet looks like nausea-inducing Spin Art


GoPros can't fly, but they drop like a champ

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Remember Spin Art commercials? They'd run on Nickelodeon after school in the Stick Stickly programming block, where the network would trade a couple animated shorts for a couple hours of ads pushing products that never worked as well in your living room as they did in a Burbank film studio. Anyway, the view from a GoPro, dropped from roughly 9,800 ft., reminds me of Spin Art. The colors begin from the center, working their way outward in jagged rings, then disappearing from view, making way for new colors bursting from within.

Unlike Spin Art, which was an unreliable piece of plastic the few times I had the honor of trying it (that must have been decades ago, yeesh), the GoPro proves its mettle, somehow still recording after colliding with our planet.

Now let's find these skydivers. Here's the message from YouTuber Kristoffer Örstadius:

My dad, a mycologist, found an GoPro camera in Gringelstad outside Kristianstad. He found it on the ground in a forest. The memory card was intact - and this is the last film. Are you the right skydiver? Please let me know so we can send you the camera and the memory card.

Correction: The original headline said the GoPro was dropped from 30,000 ft. It has been corrected to 10,000 ft. The GoPro's survival remains no less a miracle.