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Apple Watch extended warranties run from $49 to $1,500

Apple Watch extended warranties run from $49 to $1,500


And you'll still have to pay service fees

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If you're buying a high-end Apple Watch, there's a good chance that you'll want to extend Apple's short warranty on it. On its site this morning, Apple revealed the pricing for its AppleCare+ warranties for each model of the Watch: $49 for the Sport, $69 for the standard Watch, and $1,500 for the Edition. In the US, those warranties will each give you an additional year on top of what's already included with the watches — one year, unless you buy an Edition, which gets two years of coverage. The extended warranties have to be purchased within 60 days of the purchase of a Watch.

The Edition has a $1,000 service fee on a $1,500 warranty

Extended warranties for the Apple Watch work pretty much the same as they have for other Apple products in the past. They include phone support, battery replacement, and parts failures on the smartwatches. More importantly, they cover two instances of accidental damage. Unfortunately, you'll still have to pay a service fee to get a repair for accidental damage: $69 for the Sport, $79 for the standard Watch, and $1,000 for the Edition.

Even if you end up paying the service fee twice, MacRumors reports that it's still going to be cheaper than paying a single out-of-warranty service fee for the Sport or standard Watch, which costs $229 and $329 respectively. The report also says that a battery replacement costs $79 across the board if you're out of warranty. Given that the Watch currently seems to make it just until the end of the day, you'll want to hope its battery doesn't wear out too quickly.

For some reason, Apple is also now selling a bundled warranty that adds an extra year of coverage to both a new iPhone and a new Watch. In all cases, it costs a dollar more than buying them separately.