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The opening music to Star Wars is totally different in the new digital releases

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With the release of the entire Star Wars film saga on digital platforms today, fans are noticing a peculiar change even before the movies start. The 20th Century Fox fanfare, which has played before each release since 1977, has been changed to something a little less iconic.

The Fox fanfare is tied up in Star Wars history

To new fans, the change may not be the biggest deal. However, the Fox fanfare is very much tied up in Star Wars history. Originally composed in 1933 by Fox music director Alfred Newman, John Williams composed the Star Wars Main Title in the same key, effectively making the theme itself an extension of the fanfare. The new score will now accompany all Star Wars films going forward, with the only exception being the original film, which 20th Century Fox still hold distribution rights for.

The Wrap reported back in 2013 that the music would change with the release of Star Wars Episode VII, so this shift has been expected. But it's probably safe to say that the new score pales in comparison to its classic forebear.


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