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Apple reportedly trying to pay artists like Taylor Swift for Beats Music exclusives

Apple reportedly trying to pay artists like Taylor Swift for Beats Music exclusives


As it takes on Tidal, Apple is happy to open its checkbook

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Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images

Earlier this week we told you that the world of streaming music might be headed toward a messy mishmash of different exclusives, with your favorite artists trapped across different platforms. A new report from Bloomberg adds weight to that argument. It claims Apple has been approaching artists like Taylor Swift, Florence and the Machine, and a dozen others, hoping to secure exclusive streaming rights that would help promote the new Beats Music.

How much is Apple offering these artists? Kanye West said in an article published this morning that he turned down a partnership with the company worth millions. And Tidal reportedly offered artists up to $3 million and 3 percent of the company in exchange for their support and exclusive content. Beats is expected to follow the industry standard price point of $9.99 a month, which would add up to $120 a year, four times what the average person currently spends in iTunes.

Kanye says Apple offered him millions

The transition to digital music has given us the ability to carry around more music than ever before. We went from a dozen CDs in a case to thousands of songs on an MP3 player to millions of songs streaming from the cloud. It would be a shame if the competition between the emerging players in this market made it difficult for consumers to find all the artists they love in one place. And it's difficult to see how it would succeed in a world where hard to hear songs are instantly ripped and pirated around the globe. But it seems like we are on the brink of just such a showdown.