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Rand Paul, class clown, is now selling novelty Hillary Clinton hard drives

Rand Paul, class clown, is now selling novelty Hillary Clinton hard drives

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Hillary Clinton officially announced she's running for president today, and Republican rival Rand Paul spared no time adding anti-Hillary merchandise to his campaign store. Alongside products like a "don't drone me bro" t-shirt and an anti-NSA webcam cover, Paul's campaign is now offering "Hillary's hard drive:" a fake $99.95 "email server" meant to remind everyone of the troublesome private email account Clinton ran while serving as secretary of state.

CLEARANCE SALE! You've read about it on the news, now you can get one for yourself. Hillary's Hard Drive. 100% genuine erased clean email server. Buyer beware, this product has had heavy use and it currently is no longer working, but that doesn't mean it's not valuable to someone. Anyone?

Paul, who announced his own bid last week in the form of a bizarre infomercial, has distinguished himself over the years in the Senate with wild stunts and colorful language — so it's no surprise that his campaign is emulating his style. In 2013 he held up a confirmation vote for CIA director with an anti-drone filibuster that lasted nearly 13 hours.

"Hillary's hard drive" isn't Paul's first goofy attack on Clinton this campaign season, even though she hadn't officially joined the race until today. In February, Paul created a fake Pinterest account with tacky image macros and sexist suggestions. (Pinterest promptly shut it down.)

So get ready, everyone — if you think the battle between Mitt Romney and Barack Obama was fierce, you're in for some unprecedented drama. Hell, there have already been 30 books written about Hillary Clinton by people who hate Hillary Clinton. If that's any indication of what's to come, Rand Paul's pranks are going to look pretty tame in comparison.