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Watch MTV's first stab at turning Scream into a TV series

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20 years after Wes Craven's Scream sent up teen horror movies with knife-wielding maniacs and razor-sharp dialog, the slasher is making its way to the small screen. The Scream TV series doesn't feature any of the actors from the original movies, but keeps the post-modern approach of its filmic predecessors: 15 seconds into the new trailer, someone straight-up says "you can't do a slasher movie as a TV series," because "slasher movies burn bright and fast."

Yet here we are, with multiple episodes featuring a cast of fresh-faced teenage victims engaging in romantic relationships, pool parties, and inadvisable trips into the dark garage late at night. The longer format will allow show creators MTV to build a mystery over the identity of the killer — or killers — and build relationships between the show's main characters. The series combines teenage politics with lethal violence, beginning after cyberbullying results in murder — a similar premise to horror movie Unfriendedreleased earlier this year. Scream will air on MTV on June 30th.