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The new Terminator: Genisys trailer has a very surprising, very exciting twist

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Warning: The new Terminator: Genisys trailer reveals a very dark (but very interesting) twist directly related to the Terminator canon. I'm guessing it will be all but impossible to avoid spoiling it between now and July 1st, but if you're looking to have a few more weeks (days?) without knowing a key plot point — before the inevitable 15-second TV spots hit the airwaves — maybe avoid this one, k?

That said, it's refreshing to see Genisys take a dark, albeit justified, turn with the canon. From what we've seen so far, including a set visit, this could be the best Terminator in decades.

Just remember the rule with all time travel movies: time can be rewritten. Terminator: Genisys stars Emilia Clarke, Jason Clarke (no relation), Jai Courtney, and Arnold Schwarzenegger and will hit theaters July 1st.

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