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Amazon's Fire TV now tells you which actors are in movies and shows you stream

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It wasn't available at launch, but Amazon's handy X-Ray feature is now arriving on the company's Fire TV and Fire TV Stick. Just like on Fire tablets, X-Ray will provide interactive popovers displaying cast and crew details for any movies and TV shows you stream through Amazon Instant Video. (The feature does not work with Netflix, Hulu, and other streaming services that aren't Amazon's.)

X-Ray pulls in all of this data from IMDB, and as a result its capabilities extend beyond just revealing which actors you're seeing on screen. It'll also let you know what other shows and movies an actor has appeared in, and if you're new to a TV series, X-Ray can serve up a general overview and backstory for a show's lead characters. Oh, and there's trivia, too. Amazon says the X-Ray feature can be enabled with a single button press — the up button on your Fire TV remote — and it doesn't get in the way of your content. X-Ray is rolling out to Fire TV and Fire TV Stick starting today via a software update for both devices.