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Grand Theft Auto V will let you direct your own in-game movies on PC

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The definitive version is almost here

Grand Theft Auto V finally hits the PC this week, and the new version comes with a great new feature: a video feature that lets you easily share your exploits in Los Santos. Called the Rockstar Editor, the tool lets you record gameplay with a simple button click, and then customize it with multiple camera angles, filters, and even your own audio.

It also includes a feature called "Director Mode," which Rockstar says "allows you to stage creative moviemaking sequences from a cast of characters ranging from familiar faces from story mode, to pedestrians and even animals." When GTA V first hit Xbox One and PS4, users captured some amazing images using the game's photo-sharing feature, so we can only imagine what they'll be able to do with this — and at 60 frames per second, the player-made creations will certainly look great.

The game launches on PC tomorrow, April 14th.

GTA V video editor

To tease the new editor, Rockstar commissioned YouTube creator 8-bit Bastard to make the first, public in-game video. You can check it out below.