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Ikea is now hosting online weddings using webcams

Ikea is now hosting online weddings using webcams

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Maybe you've thought about hosting your wedding registry with Ikea, but you probably haven't thought about hosting your actual wedding there. If, for some reason, you have, that's now sort of possible.

At least you don't have to worry about a dress code

Ikea launched a service last week called Wedding Online that allows couples to hold a virtual ceremony attended by a few of their closest friends — as well as the rest of the internet. Ikea will digitally transpose the ceremony into a dreamy location, but the ceremony isn't quite as romantic as an IRL event: everyone involved is just staring into a webcam that puts their face on top of someone else's body. You can get dressed up in a gown and tux, if you really want to, but no one's going to notice if you're just wearing sweats.

For now, the Wedding Online site appears to only be available in Swedish, but if you just keep hitting buttons you should be able to make it through to the point that you can actually start a ceremony. If you're a long-distance couple, be sure to check out the Gear VR so that the internet can bring you together during other important moments.