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Apple is giving Netflix and Hulu a pass on its 30 percent tax

Apple is giving Netflix and Hulu a pass on its 30 percent tax


A lower subscription fee from Apple could make its Apple TV a serious option for cable channels

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Apple has been charging a 30 percent subscription fee to publishers using subscription models in its App Stores since 2011, but it looks like that practice hasn't been extended to the Apple TV. According to Recode, Apple is charging some of the more high-profile video services like Netflix, Hulu Plus, and MLB.TV a 15 percent fee for any subscribers who join the service through its Apple TV.

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The further Apple gets away from the customary 50 percent share that cable providers demand from premium channels, the more likely Apple is to draw serious interest from channels looking to follow the HBO NOW model. Many channels available on Apple TV require a cable subscription to access, but if Apple decides to take a smaller share of the subscription revenue, it could put even more pressure on the cable companies to offer better deals, and that's always a good thing. With a new Apple TV and an App Store reportedly slated to arrive at WWDC, we'll soon know how much of an effect that 15 percent discount has had on some of the more entrenched TV channels.