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Chimp smacks drone out of the sky, deserves internet fame

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Only the GoPro survived

As drones become an increasingly common presence in our skies, they are running into some issues with the surrounding wildlife. We've seen hawks claw them out of the air. They are terrifying dogs in our local parks. Now they have messed with our closest living ancestors and have paid the price.

Filmmakers of a show about the Royal Burgers’ Zoo in the Netherlands decided to try and record some aerial footage of chimps in their wooded enclosure. As you can see, the wily chimps got right to work climbing up to the drone and attacking it with sticks. Creative use of tools! Opposable thumbs! Take that, you flying robot!

According to the zookeeper's YouTube account, the entire clan then descended on the downed drone and made sure it would never fly again. The attached GoPro, however, lived up to its reputation for durability.

The next time someone starts ranting about the rise of the machines and how we're all doomed, show them this clip.