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The United Launch Alliance's new rocket will be called Vulcan

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Private space companies are competing hard for the spotlight

While SpaceX was preparing for what ended up being a scrubbed Falcon 9 launch, the United Launch Alliance (ULA) tried to steal a little spotlight by announcing the winning name in its rocket-naming contest. The new rocket will be built by Boeing and Lockheed Martin — the two partner companies that make up the ULA — and it will be called Vulcan.

The online competition ran for almost a month, and people were able to vote as much as they liked. Vulcan won out over options like Eagle, Freedom, GalaxyOne, and Zeus, even though it was added a few days after the contest began.

Up until now the ULA has been using older rockets like the Altas V or the Delta IV heavy, which it used to launch the first Orion capsule test. This will be the company's first proprietary rocket, and will be another option for companies looking to get to low-earth orbit.