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What you need to know about vaping

What you need to know about vaping


Smoke: not just an obscure Mortal Kombat character

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Please don't pick up smoking because of this episode. I would feel guilty if this podcast inspired anyone to take up a hobby that may cause major health problems.

Vaping has become a niche of tech culture, to the point that I can't attend a press event without getting lost in a plume of root beer-flavored vapors. I don't particularly enjoy the stench, but I am curious to know how electronic cigarettes became so popular, so fast.

On this week's episode of What's Tech?, The Verge's Executive Editor and resident smoker Dieter Bohn explains vaping. Is it healthier than smoking? Can it be used to fight nicotine addictions? Is vaping a sport? We'll get to the heart of a potentially unhealthy habit.

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