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Windows 10 on small tablets looks a lot like Windows Phone

Windows 10 on small tablets looks a lot like Windows Phone

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Microsoft demonstrated an early version of Windows 10 running on 8-inch tablets back in January, but the company is preparing a more Windows Phone-like OS for even smaller devices. WinBeta has obtained screenshots of Windows 10 running on what appears to be a 7-inch device, and it simply looks like Windows Phone scaled up. While Windows 10 for 8-inch and above devices includes a desktop and full Windows, Microsoft is using the Windows Phone UI for tablets and phones that are below 8 inches. It's an early look at Windows 10 on such devices, but at the moment most of the UI doesn't take advantage of the extra screen real estate.

There are exceptions, and apps like Calculator and Voice Recorder take advantage of the bigger screen by offering a three-paneled interface. Everything else is mostly just scaled up from what exists in Windows 10 for phones today, but Microsoft is planning to tweak this tablet mode to improve the Start Screen and other built-in apps. We're expecting Microsoft to detail its work on small tablets at the company's upcoming Build developers conference later this month. While there's no sign of a desktop, this version of Windows 10 will support universal apps and Bluetooth keyboards and mice. It's possible Microsoft's Windows 10 mobile work could make way for devices in future that are phone- or tablet-like, but transform into a PC when docked with relevant additional hardware.

Windows 10 for small tablets


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