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Explore the original Wipeout inside your browser

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It's like flying through a low-res future

It's very likely that the genre-defining, futuristic racing series Wipeout is gone forever: after developer Studio Liverpool (formerly Psygnosis) shut down in 2012, the franchise has been on hiatus. The PS Vita classic Wipeout 2048 could go down as the last Wipeout ever released — but thanks to one fan there's a way to relive the thrill of hurtling down a Wipeout track from the comfort of your browser.

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After reverse engineering the PC version of the 1995 original, Dominic Szablewski has created a model viewer that lets you check out every track in the game, as well as the vehicles and in-game logos. The tracks are the real highlight here: at the default setting the camera rushes along the road, as if you were racing, and you can also switch it to a stationary camera that lets you zoom in and out on the details. For a 20 year old game, Wipeout still looks amazing; it's like flying through a low-res future.

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"I remember poking around on the CD of the PC Version of Wipeout back in the day, looking for ways to modify the game," writes Szablewski. At that time, he tinkered with the code in an attempt to get his name to appear on a roadside billboard, but he could never get it working. "Now, almost 20 years later, I thought I'd give it another shot." The result is a much-needed way to appreciate Wipeout's wonderful track design; when you're rushing past at crazy speeds, it's hard to soak in the details. But now you can scan everything at your own pace, from the layout of the roads to the plentiful Psygnosis billboards.

It may make your laptop's fan kick into action, but Szablewski's tool lets you ogle a classic from any angle — and this time you don't have to worry about crashing.

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