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Three of the best Sega Genesis games ever are coming to Nintendo 3DS in 3D

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I can't wait to see Gunstar Heroes' fake 3D in actual 3D

Sega and M2's meticulous 3D remasters of retro classics are some of the best things about the Nintendo 3DS, and the company has just announced three more entries from its Genesis days that might be the most exciting yet.

First up is Streets of Rage II, probably the most renowned entry in the Genesis beat-em-up series and certainly the one with the best Yuzo Koshiro soundtrack. Sega has already ported the first Streets of Rage to 3DS, and the games aren't really known for their visual pizzazz, but this will probably become the definitive version of the sequel when it hits Japan in a couple of weeks.

Gunstar Heroes is one of the greatest action games ever made

Next, and I'm going to say most importantly, is Gunstar Heroes. This is one of the greatest action games ever made, and it comes from Treasure, the studio behind arcade-twitch masterpieces like Ikaruga, Bangai-O, Sin and Punishment, and so many more. Gunstar Heroes was an astonishing game on the Genesis even in 2D, using various technical tricks to make it look on another level to almost anything else on the system; M2 will have its work cut out translating this all to 3D.

Look at this boss character below, for instance, which used rotating, overlapping sprites to simulate a 3D effect:

gunstar heroes boss

I can't wait to see this fake 3D in actual 3D.

Lastly, we have Sonic the Hedgehog 2, which probably needs no introduction. All I'd say is that I would call it the best game ever to feature a blue hedgehog, and it's lost none of its visual luster.

All three games will come out in the US in July, August, and September respectively, and will cost $5.99 each.