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Tinder now lets you swipe through Instagram photos of potential matches

Tinder now lets you swipe through Instagram photos of potential matches

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With an update rolling out today, Tinder will now let you swipe through recent Instagram photos belonging to your prospective matches. Up to 34 photos (and videos) are visible, and Tinder's users will be able to tap on those Instagram shots to see your full profile — assuming it's public. If not, The Next Web reports that you'll be able to give Tinder full access to your Instagram profile while keeping other apps and users out. That creates a weird mishmash of privacy settings, but at least the option's there if you want it.

Tinder also says it's expanded the feature that displays Facebook friends you share in common with a potential match; the app now shows "an extra degree of connectivity" that should offer a better idea of just how socially linked you are with the person you're about to swipe left or right. Last, Tinder now displays all of your Facebook interests on the profile page. Instagram's a great addition, but a quick sampling shows that this change results in a lot of pointless scrolling. (And no, tapping on interests doesn't do anything.) Tinder's regular profile paired with the new Instagram section should give you a decent read of the person you're looking at. A long list of Facebook interests doesn't add much. The latest Instagram update is available now, and thankfully these new features are available to all users — not just Tinder Pro subscribers.

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