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Tumblr delivers its users' most requested mobile feature with new iOS update

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Tumblr is releasing a big update to its iOS app today, bringing with it a new icon, a notification widget, and the ability to do a bunch of new things on mobile. With the update to Tumblr version 4.0 today, the app now allows users to start new secondary blogs, where previously they'd have to go online. Tumblr is also making it easier to post videos into a blog: rather than needing an embed code, you can just drop the link to a video and Tumblr will figure out how to post it. This apparently works for YouTube, Vimeo, "or another such site." Tumblr says this has been its most requested feature on mobile.

The app update adds a number of other new features and tweaks. It now allows users to submit posts to blogs that accept submissions, perform searches filtered by post type, and delete blogs. The update also allows iOS users to add a notification-screen widget, which will display what's currently trending on the site. There's also supposed to be a bit of a design refresh on the iPad. Those all sound like some decent new features, but perhaps none of them matter as much as one final, critical update listed in Tumblr's notes: "GIFs load in a much more pleasing fashion. You’ll see."

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