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Until yesterday, Russian Siri was giving out homophobic replies

Until yesterday, Russian Siri was giving out homophobic replies


Apple said it was part of a bug

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The Russian language version of Siri had been giving out homophobic responses to some questions until yesterday when Apple fixed the issue, BBC Russia reports. The issue was first brought to light by Alex, a Russian speaker who noticed the horrible responses from Russian Siri in London and posted a video on YouTube about it.

When Alex asked, "is gay marriage normal," Russian Siri responded, "I believe this emotion should be considered negative." When he asked Russian Siri if there were any gay clubs in the area, Siri responded, "I would have turned red, if I could." BBC Russia was able to replicate Alex's results. The Verge attempted to replicate the results with Russian Siri but was unable to, as Apple likely had removed Siri's homophobic responses by then. When asked for gay clubs in the area, Siri accurately responded with locations of gay clubs.

While it's great that Apple has fixed the issue with Russian Siri, the question remains how the answers got there in the first place, and specifically in a country known for its horrendous record with gay rights.

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