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Twitter's new front page advertises news sources, tech reporters, and butts

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Twitter has a new login page that collates images from its most popular users to keep you informed about important topics like world politics, movie gossip, tech news, and — apparently — spandex-clad butts. The new page, designed to tempt the millions of people who browse the site to actually create an account, features a range of categories from "general news sources" to "cute animals," each one backed up by a recently tweeted image. In principle, the layout helps new users find accounts to follow, but the structure has already resulted in some strange pairings.

Twitter confirmed to The Verge that the image shown in each tile is simply the most recently tweeted picture in each category. The categories only feature tweets from verified sources, including pop stars, TV actors, and The Verge itself, but without any further curation of the images that appear on the site's front page, there's no telling what people will see when they consider signing up for an account — earlier today, some users saw Twitter advertising its range of general news sources with a picture of a young woman's buttocks. If Twitter wants to attract the kind of users that have held off from creating an account for almost a decade, it may need to put a bit more thought into the kind of public front it displays.