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Kickstarter nearly solves the new MacBook's USB issue

Kickstarter nearly solves the new MacBook's USB issue


Plug, and plug, and plug, and plug, and play

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One expansion port, even when it's the supremely versatile new USB Type-C, just isn't enough for a laptop. Not yet. The shortage of connection options on the new MacBook is by design — as Apple is looking to move into a truly wireless future — but the frustration felt by those of us still stuck with wired peripherals surely isn't. To alleviate that pain, there's a new Kickstarter project that offers the simplest of solutions: a pass-through USB-C connector that lets you chain together a bunch of external devices while still keeping the MacBook's sole USB port open. Importantly, though, Apple uses the same jack for powering the MacBook, which this InfiniteUSB-C attachment doesn't support.

The InfiniteUSB-C is actually a modernized update of a 2010 concept called InfiniteUSB, which did exactly what the present cables do but with the old USB connector. While that was a really cool idea at the time, it seems like a necessary accessory today. The present Kickstarter campaign is intended to bring both designs to market. Besides Apple's MacBook, Google's newly updated Chromebook Pixel also stands to benefit from the USB-C expansion on offer here. You can see the conventional InfiniteUSB cable below and more details about how to get your own over on the InfiniteUSB website.


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