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Spring, a department store in an app, raises $25 million and launches on Android

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A glossy feed of your favorite brands

Last summer we wrote about Spring, an app that envisioned bringing the experience of strolling through a mall to your mobile device. The service has struck a chord with shoppers, who the company claims come back to make a second or third purchase at roughly four times the industry average. And it's expanded from 150 to 750 different brands. Today it's announcing a $25 million round of funding led by BoxGroup and joined by Yuri Millner, Groupe Arnault, Google Ventures, and Thrive Capital. It's also launching on Android, with plans to arrive on the web in the near future.

The pitch for Spring has always been that users want an experience akin to Instagram, but aren't going to download an individual app for every brand they like. Spring lets you curate the labels you want to see and handles all the ordering and customer support. It feels like leafing through a glossy magazine, but with seamless one-tap commerce built in. "Amazon is great for when you need something," said co-founder David Tisch. "We are the place you come when you want something."