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Verizon signs college sports deals for its upcoming internet TV service

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Verizon has made deals with ESPN, CBS, and other networks to distribute college sports content over its upcoming "mobile-first" internet TV service. Signing deals that'll allow subscribers to watch major games online has been one of the big hurdles for internet TV services, and the deals that Verizon is announcing today really just underscore that: they aren't necessarily going to give viewers access to the biggest games — they're mostly about highlights, clips, and commentary.

The deals will give Verizon access to some full college games, including "dozens of live major college games" from CBS Sports. But for the most part, the deals that Verizon is striking are more about highlights and recaps. Perhaps that makes sense for an internet TV service that's focused on mobile, where people will likely be interested in shorter segments. But it's also another sign that the networks that do have access to the most important games still don't want them going online. That's probably why the other deals Verizon is making are with networks like Campus Insiders, 120 Sports, and the ACC Digital Network. Verizon's internet TV service is supposed to launch later this year.