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Twitter introduces Star Wars emoji

Twitter introduces Star Wars emoji

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The Star Wars Celebration event in Anaheim is about to kick into full swing. It will feature panel discussions from the cast and crew of The Force Awakens, and we're likely getting a new trailer for the film, which means we're about to experience a flood of social media activity. With that in mind, Twitter just announced a way to spruce up your angry tweets about lightsaber design: official Star Wars emoji.

Star Wars twitter emoji

There are three emoji available right now, but they only appear when you use specific Star Wars hashtags — these won't show up in your emoji keyboards. When you use the hashtags #C3PO, #Stormtrooper, or #BB8 (the cute rolling droid we were introduced to in November), an emoji will appear for each respective character. Right now it seems only to work in the browser and in Twitter's mobile app — anyone using Twitter for Mac or third-party apps will just see the hashtag.

Other hashtags, like #StarWars and #SWCA (the hashtag for the live event) will trigger these emoji, too, and more "iconic legacy characters and a handful of new characters" will be available in the run-up to the release of The Force Awakens.

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