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You better believe we made GIFs of every shot from the new Star Wars trailer

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Plus a song about GIFs

When a movie's coming out

And you're so amped you could shout

And a trailer never seems to do the trick

When you must express your thoughts

About every single shot

Pal, I know the kind of content you should pick

[2x tempo]


Tiny movies are the internet's talk of the town...

Star Wars Episode VII

Talkin' bout GIFs!

Just like a YouTube but keeps playing and doesn't have sound...

Star Wars

The best way to manipulate time

Is to make a GIF and let that thing shine

Staving off death's not a futile endeavor

We can live in this moment forever and ever


Star Wars

Gotta get GIFs!

Star Wars

Star Wars GIFs!

Star Wars

Establishing shot GIFs!

Star Wars

Nostalgic GIFs!

Star Wars

Action-packed GIFs!

Star Wars

Human interest GIFs!

Star Wars

What is this feeling? GIFs!

Star Wars