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Ryan Gosling is in negotiations to star in the Blade Runner sequel

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He'll likely be acting alongside Harrison Ford

Michael Loccisano/Getty Images

Variety is reporting that Ryan Gosling is in negotiations to star in the sequel to the classic sci-fi film Blade Runner, acting alongside Harrison Ford. The sequel has been gestating for years, with original director Ridley Scott set to executive produce.

We'd already heard that, although he's reprising his role as replicant bounty hunter Rick Deckard, Ford wouldn't be the star of the film. We don't know all of the details on the sequel yet, but it appears the lead — Gosling, likely — will be chasing Ford's character, years after the events of the original film. The sequel is being directed by Prisoners director Denis Villeneuve.

Once more details are out, expectations for the film could rival that of the other huge sci-fi sequel coming soon to screens (the one that coincidentally released a new trailer today). But we may have to wait longer for a first glimpse: shooting for the movie starts in summer of 2016.

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