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Jay Z wants you to move your Spotify playlists to Tidal using this website

Jay Z wants you to move your Spotify playlists to Tidal using this website


It feels hacked together, but it works just fine

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One of the hassles that comes with switching from one streaming service to another is playlists. How do you transfer over all the hard work you've put into compiling great mixes for working out, driving, or whatever else? Obviously no one wants to do it manually like some sort of animal, and Tidal seems to understand that.

Today, the premium music service owned by Jay Z and his roster of musician pals announced a partnership with Soundiiz. If you're like me, you've probably never heard of Soundiiz before today, and you're equally clueless as to how it's pronounced. I can't help with the latter, but Soundiiz is a website that automatically transfers playlists from one music app to another. After connecting to your Spotify account (that's clearly the competitor Tidal is targeting most with this move), you can simply drag and drop playlists over to Tidal. Soundiiz can also bring over stuff from Soundcloud, Xbox Music, Rdio, and even iTunes playlist files.


And it works, but uh... Let's just say the whole experience feels a bit rough. There are some weird language issues all over the place, likely owing to imperfect machine translations. A healthy dose of banner ads combined with a PayPal donate button almost makes it feel like you're doing something illegal, even when all this thing really does is transfer a list of songs between two services. In fairness, Soundiiz openly says that the whole operation is in beta. And yeah, it definitely feels that way.

Soundizz Informations

Come again? Informartions?

But like I said, it pretty much works without issue. Soundiiz successfully transferred 72 of the 75 tracks I've got in my Spotify "2015" playlist over to Tidal. Not bad, and I'll chalk the missing tracks up to some small holes in Tidal's catalog. That doesn't mean I'm leaving Spotify anytime soon; I'm firmly in the camp that finds Tidal's design and overall user experience to be pretty subpar by comparison — at least right now. Tidal's CD-quality streaming hasn't swayed me yet, and exclusives do little to help the argument, at least while those same tracks and music videos keep showing up elsewhere before long.

We're only at the beginning stages of Tidal as owned by Jay Z, and there's obviously way more to come from this relaunch. Still, I'm a bit surprised that Soundiiz met the company's bar for quality, but maybe signups are going slower than Hov, Daft Punk, Madonna, Rihanna, Alicia Keys, Chris Martin, Jack White, and everyone else had hoped. They're all in this thing together, after all. If you're looking to give Tidal a shot, this should make it pretty painless to get all your stuff copied over.