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Jared Leto teases his new Joker with a duck-face selfie

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Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

Jared Leto is continuing his slow transformation into the Joker for DC Comics' upcoming Suicide Squad movie. Last week we saw the actor and 30 Seconds to Mars frontman replicate the cover for Alan Moore Batman classic The Killing Joke in a tweet — now we get a glimpse of Leto's toxic-green hair and bright red lips pursed into pout via Snapchat.

Leto shared the picture with his followers on the social network, continuing a slow reveal of the look he'll bring to DC's infamous Joker, most recently played by Heath Ledger. The grainy image doesn't reveal much, but it looks like the actor — who is no stranger to complete body transformations for roles — might have shaved off his eyebrows to play the maniacal supervillain. We've got more than a year before Suicide Squad hits movie screens, so expect Leto to pepper social networks with his new look in the meantime.