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The first Batman v. Superman trailer has been officially released

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Heavy metal Batman takes on the Man of Steel

For those who absolutely, positively cannot wait to see the Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer set to debut at IMAX theaters on Monday, the official trailer has been released some hours after a low-quality version leaked online. This teaser trailer starts to illuminate the grounds for conflict between two of the world's favorite superheroes. Superman's boundless powers have apparently earned him the public's distrust, and Batman is playing his usual public protector role in taking on the man from Krypton. It's all set to a menacing, pounding soundtrack, and culminates in a badass quip from Batman, wearing a thick new suit of heavy metal armor. "Tell me, do you bleed?" enquires the Dark Knight, before following up with the words, "You will."

The theme of the trailer and very likely the movie as a whole can be summed with some help from Kanye + Comics:


Update April 17th, 6:49PM: Director Zack Snyder has posted a legitimate version of the trailer on Twitter, which is still packed with the aforementioned badass Batman quip. It can be now seen above instead of the original blurry camera footage.