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Ben & Jerry's spoofed Apple's classic 1984 ad for a stoner burrito

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Anecdotally speaking, April 20th is an important day for a subset of Ben & Jerry's most rabid fans — or to put it more bluntly (pun intended), stoners love ice cream. Ben & Jerry's is celebrating 420 with a new decadent amalgam of sweets that it's calling the Brrr-ito (that's with three consecutive r's).

And to make sure you're aware of that, Ben & Jerry's decided to parody Apple's infamous 1984 commercial, wherein a nameless runner bursts into a congregation of minions and throws a hammer at a large screen projecting a Big Brother-esque figure. Here it is for comparison:

I'm just really confused why they can't have both a brrr-ito and that ice cream sandwich. Also, some chicken wings. And maybe key lime pie. Oh, and orange soda. Also, a real burrito for comparison.