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Chrome OS update brings full Google Now info to the app launcher

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A few weeks ago, Google showed us a host of new Chrome hardware as well as a few upcoming tweaks to the underlying Chrome OS software, including a new app launcher that brings Google Now information to the forefront. Now, that latest software update is beginning to roll out to all Chromebooks through the stable Chrome update channel. Assuming Google hasn't changed things from what we saw last month, the app launcher button in the lower left side of your screen will now bring up a window that closely resembles Google's homepage. Search is at the forefront, and your most recently used apps are listed below. You can then click through to get your full app list or scroll down to pull up Google Now info. Google Now has been integrated into Chrome's notification system for a while now, but this new view much more closely resembles what you get when using Google Now on Android or iOS.

There are a few other minor tweaks to Chrome OS here, including redesigned files and calculator apps, support for password-protected ZIP files, and a change to the default system font. It's now Google's own Roboto font, to better match the Material Design elements Google is pushing out across Android and its apps. If you want to check these tweaks out for yourself, Google says the update is going live today, but it might take a few weeks to actually hit your machine.